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Chemistea offers creative take on coffee game

Are you a chemistry buff? Was your childhood dream to become a mad scientist?

If you answered yes, then this quirky café might be your cup of tea (pun intended).

Chemistea Café, whose name is a play on the words chemistry and tea, is now one of the coolest hangouts in Quezon City as the entire place looks like a chemistry laboratory from a high school movie.

Drinks are served in different sized beakers so the froth and the colors in the drink make the milk tea, coffee and chocolate look like chemicals from the lab.

Plus, you are sure not to get cheated in portions because the beakers have measurements on the side to show patrons how much of the drinks they are getting.

It’s a pretty creative take on the café business that sets the café apart from the rest, making the coffee break doubly enjoyable and fun because of the concept. (ANGEL ONG)

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